Hey, I'm Vanessa!


Like many others, I'm drawn to physical aesthetic.

Got my first camera at 14 and haven't dropped it ever since.

Only later I upgraded to my current camera and 50mm/f1.8

lens which I use most of the time. 

Unlike many other artists and photographers, I never went to art school, in fact I spent years in conviction I wouldn't make a living with photography, so I went to study what would look good on a CV.

I have a bachelor's degree in Italian and Portuguese language and literature. However, I never stopped taking photos and learning by myself.

Photographing everyday lifestyle scenes allows me to reflect on the little things that create a bigger picture and tell a significant story. 

Storytelling through photos is something I've been greatly experimenting with recently, it results in deeper understanding and respect for even the most trivial things.

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More of my work can be found on Instagram where I regularly upload photos and keep active. 

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