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Hello there!

I'm Vanessa! :)


Like many other artists, I'm drawn to physical aesthetic. Got my first camera at 14 and haven't dropped it ever since. Only later I upgraded to my current camera and lenses I use most of the time. 

Canon 5d mk IV, Sigma 35mm/1.4 and 50mm/1.8


Unlike many other photographers, I never went to art school, in fact I spent years in conviction I wouldn't make a living with photography, so I went to study what would look good on a CV.

I have a bachelor's degree in Italian and Portuguese language. However, I never stopped taking photos and learning to work in editing softwares.


I mostly shoot portraits and creative portraits. My goal is to make my clients feel beautiful and most importantly - themselves.  I always navigate my models and make sure they're feeling comfortable and confident. 


Photographing everyday lifestyle scenes and storytelling through photos is something I've been greatly experimenting with recently, it results in deeper understanding and respect for even the most trivial things. 

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